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SLA Agreements

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Allow AcNode to manage your workstations, servers, devices and networks for peace of mind and significant savings in time, cost and energy. AcNodes service level agreement (SLA) is a comprehensive agreement that empowers you to leave the total management of your IT systems (hardware, software and networks) in the capable hands of the experts while you enjoy peace of mind.

What is an SLA?

This agreement is a contract between us (the supplier) and our valued clients and resellers - remove. In it, we outline various aspects of the services we supply to you, our availability, the quality of our services, and our specific responsibilities. We also detail the benefits to the client.

In short, this agreement is based on the adage that "prevention is better than cure."

Benefits of an SLA

According to Gartner, a managed workstation costs 42% less than an unmanaged one. So, on average, you or your clients save about R1000 per PC per year when you have AcNode professionally and proactively monitoring your network.

  • Ensures that there is clear communication and reasonable expectations on both sides.
  • Explains how we will tackle various challenges and in what time frames.
  • Aligns us with our clients’ unique needs and wants.
  • Provides clear metrics.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Keeps all procedures, policies, and practices documented and accessible.
  • Measures the excellent quality of the service we provide.
  • Provides protection and assurance to our valued clients.

What Should Your SLA Include?

A comprehensive SLA - like the one that AcNode provides - should include the following aspects and important details:
  • A clear statement of specific objectives
  • Schedule for reviews.
  • A thorough list of all the services your provider (e.g., AcNode) will provide and how they benefit you.
  • The conflict resolution process.
  • Remedies and compensation for any goals that haven’t been met.
  • A detailed list of who is responsible for what and how they can be contacted.
  • Cancellation conditions.
SLA Agreements

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