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24 Hour Emergency IT Support

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AcNode is the specialist in onsite and remote IT support, 24 hours a day. We have a team of experts on hand so that SME's and businesses are assured of prompt, efficient service regardless of what time of day or year it is.

What is IT Support?

Our IT support services are about providing technical assistance for all of your technology. This includes computers, networks, printers, and other devices. As a business, your technology is likely a very important part of recording and saving invoices, financial reports, client information, employee information, confidential contracts and communication, and more.

When technical issues arise, businesses risk losing critical, sensitive information. They also risk the downtime involved in these mishaps. So, it is crucial to have a dedicated support team on the ready to resolve the problems and/or recover the information.

24-Hour Support

Devices and technology are subject to issues at any time, not only within office hours. Many businesses are partially or completely reliant on their computer systems. So, when your systems crash, network shuts down, or data is compromised, you need our 24-hour support team on hand. The quicker we can resolve the problem and protect your company's devices, the less it costs you in time and money.

With AcNode, you can be confident of:
  • An easy, efficient emergency procedure; at any time.
  • A far shorter shutdown period with minimal interference in workflow.
  • On-site support (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, and Cape Town) or remote support (anywhere in the world).

Saving Time and Money - Service Level Agreement

By having our team available to resolve technical issues around the clock, AcNode saves your company money. In fact, research (Gartner) shows that a workstation that is actively being manned costs 42% less than one that is not being managed. That means that being proactive about monitoring and managing your PCs saves about R1000 per device per year.


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Phone: Johannesburg: +27 (0)10 007 4460 / Cape Town: +27 (0)21 007 2630

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