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AcNode is based in South Africa and we offer onsite IT support in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, and Cape Town. We combine our expertise and experience to assure our local clients of the efficient and cost-effective resolution of technical issues in their SME or business. We also offer remote support for companies in other parts of South Africa or the world.

You can have the utmost confidence that your systems will be professionally managed and properly repaired as quickly as possible. This means that your businesses processes can continue as soon and as seamlessly as possible.

IT Support – What is it and Why do You Need It?

IT support involves all of the technical assistance required to keep your business technology working. This includes the management and repair of your electronic devices, computers, printers, and networks. Like most businesses, you are likely are partially or completely reliant on your technology for your reports, communication, sensitive data, invoices, and other important information. So, when there’s the threat of a data leak, or when networks and systems glitch or even shut down, this presents a huge threat to your important data and how efficiently your business can run.

Why Choose Onsite Support?

AcNode’s onsite technical support team are knowledgeable and available to tackle your tech issues on long or short terms. We take an integrated approach to managing your systems and hardware so that aspects like backup disaster recovery plans and data security policies are in place in preparation for an unexpected crash.

Opting for onsite support has the following benefits:
  • The holistic maintenance and repair of your company’s servers, workstations, and laptops.
  • The focused attention of highly-skilled engineers.
  • Contact with an insightful IT technician that has your interests at heart.
  • Calls and actions are logged onto a bespoke help desk software package.
  • Insights into problems that are often overlooked.
  • Fast, reliable service.
  • Teamwork.

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Trust AcNode for the ultimate in professional onsite IT support. Complete the online enquiry form or contact us on:

Phone: Johannesburg: +27 (0)10 007 4460 / Cape Town: +27 (0)21 007 2630

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