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Load shedding. No problem. Internet. No Problem. ICT Support. No problem. VoIP telephony. No Problem.

To curb the pains of load shedding and to ensure that our IT helpdesk is available without interruption, Acnode took the initiative several months ago to install backup power at our Head office located on Edward Street opposite Tyger-valley shopping center in Bellville, Cape Town. 

This office houses a server room, and data center as well as many members of our 1st and 2nd line IT support teams. 

Our battery backup capacity allows us to operate this office without Eskom power for at least 14 hours. Not only this, but we have also installed solar panels that charge the batteries during daytime (sunny days permitting), which reduces our dependency on Eskom and helps us in our small way to alleviate a bit of strain on the grid. 

This ensures we are available to support our clients with their IT requirements even during load shedding.


Seamless connectivity for expert IT support whenever you need it

Other than that, we have ensured that we have multiple options for internet connectivity located at this office. Among these, we boast a Fiber internet connection, a Microwave internet connection as well as failover sim internet connections.

Having problems with your internet service provider? No issue. To make sure that our office is constantly online and prepared to serve our clients, we fail over to the next one. 

With the self-hosted cloud based PABX solution, we went even further. This solution enables any member in our office to work from anywhere at any time by connecting to our VoIP PABX across the internet. Calls can be answered and transferred between cities at no additional cost as if everyone were in the same office.

Remote support anywhere, anytime 


Even if this office became inoperable after all these measures, our IT support staff can be fully mobile and assist from anywhere. Even in their cars while sitting next to the beach, though this may not be a productive environment. 

Currently, we have several staff members that utilize these facilities as part of a work-from-home initiative. They work from locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and even Mossel Bay and Hartenbos. Wherever they are, they can connect to our Cloud-hosted VoIP PABX as well as our Cloud-hosted business systems. 

Our cloud-hosted VoIP PABX hosting solution has failover points of presence in data centers in some of the major cities in South Africa. Should Cape Town VoIP be disconnected, no problem? We can connect to the VoIP point of presence in Johannesburg.

Our staff is also equipped with laptops and robust mobile internet connections with software VoIP phones connected to our hosted VoIP PABX, which gives them mobility and connectivity at any time should the need arise. 


We have ensured that we have solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions in place. We come prepared and you can rest assured that you are safe when it comes to the support of your ICT infrastructure when you have Acnode as your IT partner.


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