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Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips & Tricks Part 3


Click on new conversation. Icons will appear under the text field. Search for the ellipses and click on Forms. You can then right click on it and pin the Forms option so that it appears under your text field as an icon.
When you click on Forms, you can create a new poll with several options. The participants can now choose one or multiple options depending on the settings you chose. When you are done click on Next. You can preview your survey and then you can view your form and the results in the chat.

Follow Up

You can hover over conversations and click on the ellipse's menu. There is an option to save the message. You can click on your profile picture and then see your saved messages.

Pin Chat Messages

Hover over the message chat and pin a chat to the top of your Teams Messages list.

Rich Text Messages / Announcements

You can click on the icon at the bottom of your text field when starting a conversation. You can add a subject and add all sorts of formatting and code.
You can also post an announcement by adding colour background. You can post in multiple channels.

Shortcut Keys

CTRL + .'
Opens up keyboard shortcuts that are available to you in MS Teams.

Organize Teams

Organize the teams based on what is important to you. You can even hide a team. Just drag the teams around the list.

Post via Email

Get email addresses for channels by clicking on the ellipses next to the specific channel. You can create a standard email in Outlook and send an email to the email address related to the channel.


To access Apps, go to the left-hand rail and click on Apps. There are many different experiences that you can bring in to MS Teams. One is Planner and one is Shifts. You can manage staff shifts to MS Teams.


Dark mode, light mode and default

Activity Feed

Type to filter to see activities based on @ mentions


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