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Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips & Tricks Part 2

Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips & Tricks Part 2


Meeting Controls > Share Content > Microsoft Whiteboard
Microsoft Teams has a fully feature rich whiteboard. This opens up whiteboard on the web. You can annotate your screen with a variety of colours or add post it notes to the whiteboard.

Customize Background

Participants > Ellipses > Participant Options
You can go into MS PowerPoint and create your own custom background. You can then save it as a GIF, PNG or JPEG.
Ellipses > Apply Background Effects
You can now add new backgrounds such as the one you have created in MS PowerPoint. It will display as a mirror image but all of your attendees will see it as the right direction.

Read a Transcript

More Actions menu > Start Recording
You can record a meeting. When you are done recording you can go to the more actions menu and click on Stop Recording.

Show Conversation

You can go to the Show Conversation button at the top to view all your recordings. You can now access all your recordings in MS Stream.

Microsoft Stream

You can click on an individual video and view the video in Microsoft Stream by searching for the button in the bottom right-hand corner. This will open up a browser window in Microsoft Stream. You can edit the transcripts of every video so that it is accurate. You can also search the transcript.

Shortcut Key Mute

CTRL + SHIFT + M to toggle Mute and Unmute your microphone.

Raise Hand

You can now raise your hand in MS Teams Meeting so that you will be in the top position of the participants list and a hand icon will display next to your name. The order in which people raise their hand will show in the participants list so that it is fair.

Turn on Live Captions

Computer will create captions for you if the audio is not easily understandable. The computer captions every single thing that you are saying.
More Actions > Turn on live captions


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