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Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips & Tricks Part 1

Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips & Tricks Part 1


Spotlight yourself in a meeting by pinning your video to the front so that everyone sees your video as the spotlight. When you are in the spotlight a banner will appear at the top of your video indicating that you are in the spotlight. When you want to stop spotlighting you can click the button on top of your video that says Stop Spotlighting.
Meeting > Controls > Show Participants > Ellipses > Spotlight Options

Participant Options

Participants > Ellipses > Participant Options
The first participant option is to disallow the option for attendees to unmute themselves.
The second option is to manage permissions.
The third option is to download attendance list.


You can set up this first option so that no attendees can unmute themselves. You can continue to speak without any interruptions.

Manage Permissions

You now have full control of your meeting. You can decide who can present as well as people who can bypass the lobby. You can also set it so that only specific people can present.

Download Attendance List

You can download an attendance list for everyone who attended your meeting. You can see when they joined, when they left or if they re-joined again. This is an effective way to track who is in your meeting. The one thing to keep in mind is if you want to track attendance, you have to download this before the meeting ends as the attendance list ends with the meeting.


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