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Windows 11 Free Update

Windows 11 Free Update

Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 and it is fresh! The blue floral theme is centred around a frosted-glass effect with some overlapping panels. The start button has moved, widgets are coming back, and the general theme is softer with round corners and pastel shades.

The biggest change for Microsoft is the taskbar in the middle of the screen which is perfect for tablet users and touch screen devices. There’s also more space in between icons in the taskbar making it easier to select the correct options. You can also resize and move windows around which brings a feel of personalization that couldn’t be better. Snap applications are a new thing and has been emphasised in Windows 11 which have many different placement options. Snap Groups and Snap Layouts are also new, and you might be using them more than you think. Snap Groups are collections of apps that you use at once in the taskbar that can be opened or closed at the same time. Snap Layouts let you unplug or plug the monitor without losing where your windows are located.

For gamers, Windows 11 feels like home with added features from Xbox consoles like Auto HDR and DirectStorage. Windows 11 can load games faster through DirectStorage and games will look better with Auto HDR.

Looking back on the great features that Microsoft has added such as Snapping, they also have enhanced user productivity by being able to resume what you were doing following an interruption like shutting down your computer.

The Microsoft Store has added Android applications that can be downloaded from Microsoft and apparently there is more to come as to merging with Android.

All in all, Microsoft 11 is a few minutes away from being my new OS on my computer and if I were you I wouldn’t hesitate to do the right thing and join the millions that are proving Windows 11 to be the most beneficial version of Microsoft’s software.


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