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End of Life Software

End of Life Software

End of Life Software refers to software programs that were designed with an expiration date. With new technology being released every single day, older systems become obsolete when they can't handle the amount of data that needs to be processed, can't support new applications, or fall out of warranty.

Many organizations fail to upgrade their end-of-life products, because it's inconvenient and costly, however, ignoring the dangers of EOL software may actually end up costing them more money, time, and stress than if they had just replaced the software in the first place.

There are many risks associated with using EOL software programs such as:

Security Issues
If there are no more security fixes being issues, your computer will be filled with security issues. A firewall and anti-virus are not sufficient protection against these vulnerabilities, which hackers are quick to exploit.
Compliance Problems
Regulated industries like healthcare and e-commerce deal with lots of sensitive customer data. Entrusting your critical information to a decade-old OS or an unsecure application? STOP. In addition to security lapses, it could result in big fines, company shutdowns, or possible jail time.
Higher Costs
EOL software costs more, whether it's through lost/stolen data, updating and maintaining with third parties, legal liabilities, or lost revenue from downtime or issues.?
Poor Performance
Running legacy apps on EOL OS's leads to performance and reliability issues. Aging systems tend to break down more often than their more up-to-date and patched counterparts. It's wise to think through the effects of the inevitable downtime that will come with an EOL OS.

The Solution
Organizations should keep track of the software and hardware on their devices as to make sure they don't reach their EOL to steer clear of security and performance issues. Updating and maintaining software impacts your business positively and if you are wanting to change software you can also consider alternative options such as changing from onsite to cloud solutions.

While keeping EOL software might seem like the easiest option for businesses, it ends up costing a lot more in the long run. AcNode can help upgrade your system and find a better solution for your business.


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