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Why Restart Your PC?

Why Restart Your PC?

You may know friends or family members that leave their computer on for days at a time and they might claim that the surge of power when turning on the computer shortens its lifespan. But the drawbacks of leaving your computer on throughout the day/s are a lot worse than that initial surge of power.

Leaving your computer on an entire day consumes a lot of power and your pc will generate a large amount of heat with however long you keep it on for. This impacts the wear and tear of your machine along with excessive usage.
Amongst these generalized points about the threats of keeping your PC on, the most important reason for restarting your pc often is that it clears the RAM cache. RAM provides short-term storage for applications and programs as they run. The memory begins to pile up even though it is not being used and a RAM cache clear can solve this problem and have your computer back to working at full capacity. You will not see 100% CPU usage in your task manager anymore.

If you are not ok with restarting your computer constantly at least try to do a complete shut down in your break or when you are finished using the computer.

3 Easy Ways to Restart Your PC:

  1. Navigate to the Start menu on your taskbar. Click on the Power button and then choose the Restart option.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard and then navigate to the power button on the right-hand bottom corner. Click on the Power button and then choose the Restart option.
  3. Hold the Power button on your computer until your computer shuts down. You will hear the computer fans shut off and your computer screen will go black. Wait a few seconds before pressing and holding the power button again to initiate your computers normal startup.


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