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Malicious Emails

Malicious Emails

Ever seen one of these or heard about spam emails going around your office? Do you ever feel a bit uncertain on what to do when you get an email that you were not expecting? Do you know how to identify malicious emails? Do you wish that there was a way that could get rid of them permanently?

At AcNode we receive emails from our clients about potential malicious emails that they have received, and we have to decipher which is spam.

We have decided to give you a key to the knowledge that we have on phishing emails and spam. 

10 red flags for spotting malicious emails:

  1. The sender address isn't correct.

  2. Embedded links have weird URLs.

  3. The language, spelling and grammar are "off".

  4. The content is bizarre or unbelievable.

  5. There is a call-to-action button There are attachments, links, or login options.

  6. Your old passwords have been mentioned in the email.

  7. The email gives you a warning or threatens you.

  8. The email asks for personal information.

  9. The email is informing that the banking details of a known recipient have changed.

  10. The message is sent from a public email domain.

If you suspect that you are receiving spam emails, stay tuned for our newsletter next week on how to deal with spam and phishing. In the meantime to ease your mind, you can contact our support team via email and we can investigate further for you.


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