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What is VOIP?

What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to place calls over the internet. VOIP converts your voice into digital signals using your IP address to send these files back and forth over the internet therefore it does not need a custom infrastructure to do this.

Is VOIP Reliable?

A common question is if you can still answer calls in the event of a power outage or internet issue, and the answer is yes. You can still answer, and place calls on your mobile phone and laptop as VOIP is versatile. There is no reason to lose productivity in your business because of problems that are not in your control.

Why Move to VOIP?

VOIP services can cost a whole lot less than older phone technology because of its toll-free numbers that have lower minute charges than other telecom carriers. If you have a good internet connection, VOIP services can be used anywhere at any time. VOIP travels with you wherever you go. VOIP is also great for businesses as it has the option for simple conference calls at no extra cost.

What are the Advantages of Using VOIP?

  1. Call Quality - VOIP offers calls that are clear and have no delay or distortion in sound quality. A professional VOIP service provider will help you to take the necessary steps to guarantee excellent internet phone call quality.
  2. Scaling Up - If you add new employees to your business, you do not need to install extra lines. VOIP has no limit on the number of channels you need in your business setup. If you want to add another channel, it is easy and inexpensive to do so.
  3. Easily Repaired - VOIP systems can resolve problems instantly and can be solved remotely.
  4. No Limitation - You are not limited to one line per desk. You may have ample extension if you need it. VOIP systems can also operate anywhere at any time, unlike traditional landline phone systems.
  5. Cloud-Based - VOIP phone systems are cloud-based therefore you do not need a server for the equipment, data collection and networking.
  6. Security - VOIP systems are managed 24/7 by validated third parties to check for issues whereas, with landlines, it is your responsibility. Redundancy and Recovery- Your provider has a built-in redundancy so that even if there are network interruptions, your calls stay online. A hosted IP solution will bypass issues by hosting its service in data centres around the world so that if one goes down, you will be re-routed to other data centres to keep the communication flowing.
  7. Single Number Contacting - Instead of having different numbers for each department in your business, customers will be able to reach all departments via one number. This means less stress for both you and the customer.
  8. Latest Software - Every time the system updates, your VOIP service will automatically be updated since VOIP is internet-based. It won't be your responsibility to update the system every month.
  9. Features - VOIP has many different features such as DND, Conferencing, Auto Attendant, Call Recording and Music-On-Hold.


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