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Cable Management

Cable Management

Cable management is not only appealing to the eye, but it helps to maintain dust collection, keep work areas neat and aids in the correct wires being unplugged or found if necessary. Nobody wants to deal with the intern switching their PC off accidentally.

There are many ways to deal with what computer geeks refer to as cable spaghetti. Here is a list of some great ideas to consider when designing your perfect work environment:

Power Poles: This is an affordable management system that allows isolation of power and data cables. They can be placed in a grid format in your workspace with enough room in between for aisles and work-desks. Another great advantage of having Power Poles is that they are high strength, long-lasting and are light. They do not take up much space and they create a form of structure in the office.

Cable Wraps: Cable wraps allow airflow and the ability to clean the cables easily by unwrapping the cables or leaving enough space in between each wrap. A low-heat hair dryer is a great hack to clean up the dust collection on cables. Another alternative to cable wraps could be cable ties or rubber bands.

Wire Cutters: Wire cutters, pliers and the knowledge on how to join / solder wires are a great plus when you realise that you have got an abundance of wires and not enough space. If your cables can reach an area without the extra meter or two then shortening the wires would be an awesome time-filling task that you can do at work.

Labels: Cable labelling helps to keep track of all the cables in your work environment. You will never have to worry about pulling out the wrong cable again or wasting time trying to follow cables through the spaghetti of a mess to figure out which cable is which.

At the end of the day, cable management is a good system to practice in any environment whether it be at work or home. It leaves you knowing you will not get sucked into a dark hole of tangled horror stories or come back to a computer on fire.

AcNode provides on-site IT support, and our tech team can assist you with the cable management at your office. Our team is trained to providing you with the best IT solution and we have all the tools to get the job done.


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