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Microsoft Excel - Tips & Tricks Part 1

Import PDF

Data -> Get Data -> From File -> From PDF -> Select Data -> Import
A dialogue appears which lets you select the data you would like to import into Excel.

Analyze Data

On the right side there is a section called Analyze Data with all the tables and charts automatically. It uses AI and intelligence to analyze data. You can show all the results. It shows you insights automatically on how to get more value from your data.

Flash Fill

It automatically fills all the cells with data related to what you have previously.

Geography and Map Data

It immediately makes a map chart so that you can see populations, numbers and percentages according to areas.

Version History

File > Info > Version History
This is like an excel time machine in case you lose your spreadsheets.

One-Click Email as Attachment

More commands > All commands > Email > Add
Email an excel file as a PDF in a single click. Instantly opens a new email with the excel spreadsheet attached as a PDF.


Next-generation of V LOOK UP. The look up array doesn't always have to be on the left-hand side and the return array can show multiple sets of data.

Diagonal Cell Formatting

By clicking this button, you are able to make a diagonal border line that splits a cell in two.


Column > Create Sparklines
Sparklines are the same as charts in excel cells. You can change it to a line instead.


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